1- What is Ahlinet?
Ahlinet is Ahli Bank's Internet Banking Service. This service offers a wide range of online banking services which makes banking accessible anytime and from anywhere.    
2- Why should I use the Ahlinet?
With Ahlinet you can access any of the banking services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the year. Ahlinet service offers you the convenience to manage and control your banking and finances. This service is simple, secure and free of charges.
3- What can I do with Ahlinet online banking?
View accounts balances, transaction, history, and download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more. Please visit our online Internet Banking demo to see all the features of Ahlinet service, and how you can personalize your online banking experience.
4- Can I view my account details in more than one way?
Yes, you can view your accounts by date cheque number, payee amount or balance in ascending or descending order.
5- How do I get access to Ahlinet service?
All Ahli Bank customers can access the service upon successful registration. You need to have an account at any of our branches. Then you need to register for the Internet Banking services either online or with the branch by completing the request form.
6- How do I register for Ahlinet service?
Ahli Bank provides you multiple choices to register for the service. You can register fully online, partially online, and by filling out the application form available at Ahli Banks Branches. Upon successful registration you will receive your username, password and the transaction password.
7- What is a username and password?
Username is the Customer Login name given/suggested by you at the time of filling up the application form. Password is a computer generated secret login code that you will use for accessing Ahlinet. Transaction password will enable you to perform financial transactions, transfers and payments.
8- How can I log into the service?
Visit Ahli Bank’s website on https://www.mye-bankonline.com.om and click on the "Ahlinet" link available on the top bar of Ahli Bank Home Page. For logging into Ahlinet, use the username, and password available in your PIN Mailer. Upon first successful login, you will be prompted to change your password.
You will have 3 attempts to login. At the time of first login to the services, the system will force you to change your transaction password. You have to change both the passwords. Both the login and transaction passwords could be the same, though it is advisable to keep distinct passwords for security reasons. Selection of passwords is your privilege, but it should be in conformity to the rules displayed on the screen. Once passwords are changed, only NEW passwords are to be keyed in.
9- What happens the first time I logon to Ahlinet?
The first time you logon, you will be prompted to change your password for security reasons.
You may immediately begin:
Viewing account balances, including savings, loans, and credit card information. You may also start transferring funds between your deposit accounts and make payments on your loans and credit cards. You will also have the ability to view transaction history and download statements of your accounts and credit cards. You could also email us directly with any questions or inquiries.
10- How soon will I see transactions on my Ahlinet account?
Ahlinet is online and real time. Most transactions that occurs on your account is available immediately through Ahlinet. Credit Card transactions and balances are not real-time.
11- What happens if I forget my password or input incorrect password?
Upon three incorrect consecutive attempts, your access will be locked. In such a case fill out the "Forgot my Password” form available on the Ahlinet login page. Accordingly, the Bank will issue you a new password and send the same to your respective branch.
12- What other services and functions are available via Ahlinet?
Fund Transfer:
  • Funds transfer between Own accounts online
  • Funds transfer between to other 3rd party accounts within Ahli Bank SAOG
  • Fund transfer to local banks
  • Fund Transfer to International bank 
  • Opening of a new Term Deposit - Online
Other Payments:
  • Credit Card payment
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
Other e-Services:
  • Providing facilities such as: Requesting cheque books, demand drafts, manager's cheques, credit cards & reissuance of ATM Card.
  • Ability to request for loans and limit increase on credit cards.
  • Order Account and Credit Card statements.
  • Provides facility to request to reissue ATM cards.
  • Provides facility to request to Stop ATM & Credit cards
  • Providing contact with the bank for queries or support by email
  • Provides the ability to request for issuance of Outstanding Balance and liability certificate.
13- Is there any special equipment that i need to access Ahlinet?
To access Ahlinet you will need a personal computer that has an established connection to the Internet through your choice of Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Ahlinet access requires any one of the following Browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher with 128 bit encryption
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
14- Is Ahlinet safe?
  • The security and privacy of your financial information is a priority with Ahlinet, which utilizes the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol to communicate with your computer several features to help protect your policy, ID and password.
  • Ahlinet limits the transfer of account numbers over the Internet - When you enroll in  Ahlinet, we ask you to give each of your accounts a "nickname". We transmit and display those nicknames over the Internet whenever possible.
  • After you have enrolled, you may change your account nicknames yourself during any Ahlinet session. Account numbers will be displayed when viewing images or previous statements through Ahlinet.
  • Automatic signoff: if there is no activity on your Ahlinet session for ten (10) consecutive minutes, the Ahlinet server will automatically sign the user off.
  • You must use the correct combination of ID and password to access your Ahlinet account. You have the option to change your password as often as you like.
  • You can help secure your information by not giving any one your password or any other confidential information related to the account.
15- What is a cookie?
  • During each session in which you use ahlibank the bank will pass a Cookie to your browser for the purpose of identifying you during that session.
  • A cookie is security data that is given to an Internet Browser by a web server, then is returned by the browser to the server on subsequent transmissions to identify the user and encrypted information.
  • When you log onto Ahlinet a "Cookie" enables the Bank to process multiple transactions during the same communication sessions without you having to provide your Ahlinet ID and Password for each individual transaction.
  • Whenever you log off Ahlinet, or whenever you remain logged on to Ahlinet for 10 consecutive minutes without actively using Ahlinet to obtain new account information or conduct a transaction, the same "cookie" is no longer accepted by the server and must be renewed through re-entry of your Ahlinet password. A new "cookie" is used for each log-on session, so no one may use the "Cookie" to access your account without entering your Ahlinet password.
16- Whom may I pay through Ahlinet?
You may pay anyone, within Ahli Bank or to Utility Service providers, and for other essential services.
17- May I use Ahlinet Bill Payment if I live outside Oman?
Yes, as long as you have an active account relationship with Ahli Bank, However, you cannot pay bills to payees located outside Oman.
18- How long is history retained in the View Payment History section?
Payment history records are kept indefinitely.
19- When will the money be taken out of my account?
If the payment is remitted to the Payee electronically, the money will be withdrawn from your account at the time the payment is processed. If the payment is remitted to the payee by check, the money will be withdrawn from your account when the check is processed. 
20- How late in the day may I enter, edit or delete a payment?
Although bill payments may be scheduled for the current Business day or any date in the future at any time, they will only be processed twice a day on business days and up to 02.00 PM. If you attempt to schedule a payment for the same business day after 02.00 / 03.30 PM, the payment will be processed the following business day. Anything scheduled on a non-business day will be processed the business day prior to the non-business day.
21- May I postdate a single payment?
Yes, just set the payment date for a valid future date.
22- May I postdate recurring payments?
Yes, if a monthly recurring payment is set up to be paid on the 25th and the current date is February 22nd, a payment will be scheduled for the month of February and set up to occur the 25th of every month until the expiration date is reached. However, if the payment is set up to be paid on the 25th and the current date is February 26th, the first payment will occur on March 25th.
23- What does the "Status" field indicate on the Payment History Page?
Processed: The payment has been processed and sent
Rejected: NSF The payment that you have tried sending has been rejected due
to Non-sufficient funds
Communication Failure: There was an error due to communication problems. 
24- May I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?
You may make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different, For your protection the system will not pay duplicate the same payee and the amount in the same day.
25- How do I cancel or change a payment?
You can cancel or change a payment while its status is scheduled or in process. Once a payment's status in Process or Processed, you can no longer cancel or change the payment. To make changes to a payment you would need to notify the bank before the payment is processed. Once the status shows status as completed no changes can be made to the effected payment.
26- How do I request the statements by e-mail?
The process for requesting statement for a particular period is: 
  • Logon to your Ahlinet account
  • Select statement request from the available option
  • Select the account for which you want the statement to be sent by email, and the format with which you wish to view your statements. Click submit.
  • Once submission of the request statement is processed and successful, it will be sent to your e-mail address.